June 26, 2023

Onboard Kilian Bron's winning run at the Mountain of Hell 2023!

For almost 10 years now, I have been participating in the Mountain Of Hell race every year – a mass-start downhill mountain biking race with over 800 riders at the start line.

I won this latest edition, for the fourth time. It’s an intense personal challenge at every level, which intensifies each year. While my experience, mental/physical preparation, and race strategies played in my favor, I recall today the moments right before the start.

I’m not embarrassed to share with you the stress and all the fears that still drive me at that precise moment of the race. I would even say that these are the most powerful moments, right before the start is given.

It is a true satisfaction to overcome all of this, beyond my victory in this crazy race.


Please watch below my race run below (+speedometer) 😉 :

Rider: Kilian Bron
Photos: @pyrouu x @mountainofhell_official
Words: Kilian Bron

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