The Southpaw family of remotes has led the industry to be one of the first and best performing dedicated 1x underbar remotes available today. Each Southpaw remote is designed for a secure feel without added complexity and weight while incorporating ergonomics that compliment modern cockpits.


+ Ergonomically designed for 1x setups
+ All new universal lever body mates to mounting perch options
+ Mounting options available for 22.2 bar, Matchmaker X, i-Spec II and i-Spec EV (For Shimano and SRAM fitment only. KS does not ensure compatibility with other third party components.)
+ Lever paddles available in compression molded carbon fiber or forged and polished alloy versions
+ Integrated barrel adjuster
+ Stainless steel hardware
+ Understated graphics
+ Alloy paddle available in universal cable mounting direction (cable clamps at the lever) or traditional cable mounting direction (cable barrel end at lever)
+ Carbon paddle available in traditional cable mounting direction (cable barrel end at lever)


+ PDF Owner’s Manual
+ Videos and Downloads

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MODEL 22.2 bar clamp Matchmaker i-Spec II i-Spec EV
Southpaw Carbon Traditional
Southpaw Alloy Traditional
Southpaw Alloy Universal


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