Experience perfection with professionally developed original KS accessories. Designed in sync with our main products, these gems seamlessly enhance performance and durability.


Achieve superior control and ride comfort with KS AIR-8 high-pressure hand pump. Effortlessly fine-tune your bicycle suspension with KS AIR-8 high-pressure hand pump. Designed for precision, it ensures quick and easy adjustments to achieve the perfect balance for your ride.


Command your dropper seat post with ease using our lightweight and flexible actuation cable. KS’ Recourse Ultralight II actuation cable enhances control and responsiveness. Its premium construction guarantees smooth and reliable operation, allowing you to effortlessly adjust your saddle height on the fly.


Optimize the performance of your dropper seat post with our specifically developed post paste for enhanced reliability and precision. Formulated to withstand extreme conditions, it ensures smooth and consistent operation, preventing friction and enhancing longevity.


With KS seat post collars you know your seat post is supported for countless adventures to come. Inconspicuous yet indispensable, KS saddle collars allow your dropper seat post to effortlessly glide up and down for optimal performance while ensuring your seat post stays secure as you conquer any terrain. They endure immense forces, from city bumps to rocky paths, transferring your weight to the bike. Choose the perfect seat post collar, mindful of diameter, manufacturer details and fastening options.