9 1 月, 2024

KTM Alchemist Cyclocross Team's unique journey

In the world of professional cyclocross, where big budgets often take center stage, there exists an inspiring team that defies the norm – the KTM Alchemist Cyclocross Team. Comprising two elite-category racing brothers, a multitasking team manager and mechanic brother, a supportive chauffeur and logistics expert father, an osteopath mother, and a grandmother who reigns supreme in the kitchen, this family-oriented squad brings a unique flavor to the competitive arena.

At the heart of their story is not just a pursuit of victories but a commitment to maintaining the essence of familial bonds within the rigorous and demanding sport of cyclocross. The team’s commitment to each other and the sport is palpable, creating a charm that resonates beyond the races they participate in.

Heading to the picturesque Val di Sole for the Cyclo-cross World Cup, the KTM Alchemist team faced a unique challenge – a snow-covered course, a rarity in the cyclocross calendar.

Our commitment to the KTM Alchemist Cyclocross Team extends beyond mere sponsorship. KS is proud to provide the team with our most advanced seat posts, our cutting-edge carbon handlebars, specially designed for cyclocross and gravel, paired with our ultra-lightweight stems. The riders’ connection to the bike is crucial in navigating challenging terrains, and our components ensure optimal performance, responsiveness, and durability.

The dynamics within the team are as fascinating as the races they undertake. The two brothers racing in the elite category exemplify dedication and perseverance, pushing their limits on the snowy tracks. Meanwhile, their sibling, donning the hat of team manager and mechanic, meticulously ensures that their bikes are in top-notch condition for the challenging conditions they encounter. The father, an unsung hero, manages the logistical aspects, chauffeuring the team to various races and ensuring smooth operations behind the scenes.

Adding a touch of holistic care to the mix is the mother, who serves as the team’s osteopath. Her expertise ensures that the athletes are physically primed for the grueling races, highlighting the importance of a comprehensive approach to athletic performance.



As proud supporters of the KTM Alchemist Cyclocross Team, we at KS are inspired by their commitment to excellence. The daily challenges they face on diverse terrains and in demanding conditions contribute significantly to our ongoing research and development efforts. Their feedback and experiences serve as valuable inputs, allowing us to refine our products for cyclists worldwide.


In a world often dominated by corporate giants and massive budgets, the KTM Alchemist Cyclocross Team stands as a refreshing reminder that passion, unity, and a tight-knit family structure can propel a team to compete at the highest echelons of professional sports.


The snow-covered tracks of Val di Sole might be a temporary challenge, but the enduring spirit of the KTM Alchemist Cyclocross Team, an inspiring team that defies the norm, is a beacon of inspiration that transcends the boundaries of professional cycling. A proper tale of Family, Grit, and Snow.

Production: Theatre des Operations
Photos: Alessio Soggetti
KS products: LEV Ci dropper seat post, Ether carbon seat post,  Ether carbon Gravel and CX bar, Ether Gravel and XC stem